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Massive Psy-op? Obama Can Ban Guns By Himself – And He Will

• The Daily Bell
 Unburdened by re-election worries and empowered by law to act without Congress, U.S. President Barack Obama could take action to improve background checks on gun buyers, ban certain gun imports and bolster oversight of dealers. Prospects for gun control legislation intensified in the wake of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, as more pro-gun rights lawmakers said on Monday they were open to the possibility while Obama and three cabinet members met at the White House to discuss the subject.
Dominant Social Theme: Gun control is necessary now. Too much blood has been spilled.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Of course Obama can ban guns... his own guns, that is. Media yakketty yak will only serve to rouse people to the fact that their gun ownership is being threatened. So, keep it up. We need to rouse ourselves out of our stupor. And you, Obama and the media are doing the job better than any number of gun-toting patriots could.

Comment by Ed Price
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It's about the RIGHT. What good are guns if you don't use them? Laws don't give you rights. Nor do they take your rights away. Laws give law enforcement the privilege to treat you as though you don't have rights. In this case, the right to bear arms means the right to use arms when your rights are threatened... by anybody, whomever he might be.

Law enforcement is divided over this, for at least two reasons.
1. Many of them accept the idea of the right to bear arms by all the people.
2. Many of them are too chicken to find out how fast people can become organized when their rights are threatened.

It ain't a right if you don't exercise it when circumstances demand.

Comment by tthan Thannisch
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The worthless rat bastard muslim rules via EOs. He has eliminated congress in this manner.  

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