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Piers Morgan’s Sarcasm About School Massacre Stokes Anger


Shootings allowed CNN host to push anti-gun political agenda

Paul Joseph Watson
December 20, 2012

After lecturing Americans for days about the need to eviscerate their second amendment rights, CNN host Piers Morgan stoked further controversy when he sarcastically agreed with a tweet that accused him of being “gleeful” about the Connecticut school massacre because it allowed him to push his anti-gun political agenda.

Morgan, who was fired from British newspaper The Daily Mirror in 2004 for publishing a fake news story, has stoked furore amongst second amendment activists over the course of the past week by using the Sandy Hook shootings to aggressively push his pro-gun control message.

Responding to a Twitter user who remarked, “I think you are somewhat gleeful that a tragedy happened to help you push your cause,” Morgan responded, “Of course I am, you moron.”

Whether sarcasm or not, the CNN host’s brazen response to the charge that he was pleased that the shooting occurred because it enabled him to push his anti-gun agenda, which he also pursued after the ‘Batman’ massacre back in July, was savaged by other tweeters.

“It seems you bask in the glory of being a #PieceOFShit!” said one.

“@piersmorgan is happy all those kids got shot. Deport the sicko Brit now,” added another.

Another called on Morgan to “clarify” his comments. Others defended Morgan, claiming he was merely being sarcastic, but 20 dead children doesn’t really seem an appropriate context for sarcasm.

Morgan’s Twitter page features a photo of him posing with Barack and Michelle Obama. Morgan has used his platform as host of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN to push not only for an assault weapons ban but also a handgun ban, while calling on Obama to “have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby.”


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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

The woman is living in a dream world. It would be nice if everyone was, well, simply nice. But since there are always those few who aren't... we have the right to self protection.

Obviously, Piers Morgan doesn't have any strength of argument in the face of reality. But his isn't a dream world. He is part of the one-world conquerors.

Comment by Norm Nipperus
Entered on:

Piers Morgan and that woman that kept interrupting Marc Victor on channel 12, they're so extreme, belligerent and rude; they're so sure that millions of americans must all be wrong for choosing to own guns. Maybe they're right: we should have gun laws prohibiting people like them from owning guns. I would feel safer.

Comment by tthan Thannisch
Entered on:

He needs to take his sorry ass back to good ol Islamic UK. 

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