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Sue the Gun Makers, and the Sellers, Too

 The horror of Newtown has finally snapped us out of our delusional reverie about guns. Swiftly, a barrage of promising proposals have been thrown on the table: Close the gun-show loophole, which allows guns to be sold to anyone without the simple safeguard of a background check. Ban assault weapons. Ban or control the sale of large ammunition clips. Increase funding for mental health awareness, services, and surveillance.
Like any major public health problem, stemming gun violence will require multiple, overlapping strategies.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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here is the problem did the event happen or was it created to create the lunatic demands to control guns you know what you kill with your hands you can get fat eating with a fork and spoon  then there is this sick stuff drones who are being used to kill with if we allow a govt take our rights to be free than we do not deserve nothing but death 

as for me i will not submit to the lunatic govt they are more complicit in murder of children and people world wide first they should give up their weapons of mass destruction of people then maybe i will until then that is not going to happen the dictators agree gun control works and they kill more people look at the history htler stalin mao and all the communist countries look at the book by avro manhattan the book is called THE VATICANS HOLOCAUSTS

Comment by tthan Thannisch
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Whether the gun holds only one bullet or a hundred it makes no difference. Last week there was a man who killed another person in Tulsa with a hammer. Do we ban hammers? Sane, rational people would NEVER mis-use a gun. With this current horrible, socialist-bent administration, today they ban a big clip and tomorrow they will ban ALL forms of weaponry that SANE people have purely for protection and/or hunting. There are millions and millions of citizens in this nation who will NEVER bow to being subjugated to this worthless, liberal, freedom-removing govt. Never!!! 

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