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The Evidence Compiled - In One Place. What do we KNOW for Sure that ISN'T Hearsay?

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I have not seen ONE SHRED of evidence that any kids are dead or that the Sandy Hook massacre even happened. All we have is hearsay - in a court of law that doesn't mean a darn thing.

So tell me what evidence have you seen that these kids died and haven't been shipped off to... god knows where?

If you're going to comment negatively on this post and not participate in the gathering of ACTUAL EVIDENCE be forewarned... I'm going to call you an IGNORANT SHEEP.

If you're going to down-vote this post without commenting so we know who you are... when you look in the mirror KNOW THAT YOU ARE A COWARD and an EMBARRASSMENT to me and a lot of others here that you would ever call yourself an AMERICAN.

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