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This Weekend on - December 22nd 2012

Weekend Edition, December 22-23, 2012
The Anti-Gun Movement Is Doomed
Phew! Gary North explains why.
Live Long and Prosper
Imitate your ancestors, Jack Douglas tells Lew Rockwell. And stay out of hospitals.
Ron Paul's Parthian Shot at the Criminal Congress
Don't tell me we need a military empire, he says.
Scratch a 'Liberal,' Find a Fascist
Will Grigg on Barbara Boxer.
Bill of Rights, RIP?
Karen Kwiatkowski's translation of what it all means.
Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and More
Wow! It's the all-star cast of "The Bubble."
Media, Psychiatry, and the School Shooting
Illana Mercer on the lying lapdogs of the regime.
The Midnight Knock on Your Door
Mike Rozeff on Fuhrership and the Mass Society.
Why God Created the GOP
Actually, wasn't it the Devil, Pat Buchanan?
Shove the Government Into It
Doug Casey on the financial cesspool.
It's normal and necessary, says Jim Fedako.
Survival of the Sorta Fittest
Joseph Mercola on the health dangers of too much cardio.

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