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I'll just say Merry Christmas! and leave it at that. 
Ken Holder - Editor-in-Chief -

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Comment by Kevin Knight
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While I enjoy reading Mr. Holder's thoughts and appreciate his efforts, the way in which he attempts to solicit donations completely rubs me the wrong way. The wording sounds as though since I did read the article(s) posted, I HAVE to pay him for it. When I get to the bottom of an article and see that, I get the impression that he sat down to write an article with the thought in mind thst he deserves to get paid for it, did the work and now expects the reader to pay for it afterwards. Similar to taking a complimentary sample of a food at a grocery store, being asked "how was it?," and then being "not so politely" suggested that I'm obligated to pay for it because I enjoyed it. I could see myself contributing a few bucks to the writer but certainly wouldn't consider it when presented with the option in this fashion.