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The Scourge of Concealed Weapons

• New York Times
Over the years, states have made it increasingly possible for almost any adult to carry a concealed handgun in public, including on college campuses, in churches and in state parks — places where people tend to congregate in large numbers and where, in a rational world, guns should be strictly prohibited. 

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Comment by Ken Sutter
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Who are these people that insist on "Gun Control"? Grow up Mr. Gammill and the rest of you clowns. Get this and get this real good. GOVERNMENTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Got that??? History teaches us "Gun Control" equals genocide by the enforcing government. Statistics teaches us "Gun Control" raises crime. Have you ever participated in one of our countries phony wars Mr. Gammill? Try it sometime, you won't be a "Gun Control" advocate afterwards. Besides, where have YOU been the last 20 years? Hiding under a bushel basket somewhere. A sales pitch for the gun manufaturers? Come-on, come-on, come-on. "Industrial military complex" - ring any bells? War is the biggest money maker our government has. YOU are part of the problem Gammill. Deliberate ignorance is unexcusable. Grow up clown...