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Wall Street Journal columnist explains on Twitter how to deport Piers Morgan

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 Daily Caller:

Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto Saturday night joined in the chorus of American voices suggesting that British-born CNN host Piers Morgan could legally be deported from this country for his televised attacks on the Second Amendment, and pointed out the legal precedent that leaves Morgan vulnerable to deportation.

Morgan began the dispute when he complained on Twitter Saturday about a petition on the White House’s “We the People” Web page that asks the government to deport him.

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Comment by Sean King
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Really American gun owners?.......A petition to remove him b/c you don't agree with what he said? 

He has a right to be ignorant.  He has a right to free speech.  What part of unalienable are we not getting as Americans?  Unalienable rights mean they don't come from a government, from a document like the Bill of Rights, nor do they come from being a certain nationality.  They are yours by the fact that you are a human being. Piers Morgan is a human spite of the fact that he's of sub-human intellect. ;) J/K. :)

Push his network to fire him for being a biased interviewer, for being rude....or, better yet, stop watching that network until he's gone and let the network know your reasoning.  But to ask for or demand his deportation because you don't like what he said and he has a different vision of what America should be is just as hypocritical as those on the left who would demand our deportation b/c we speak about gun rights and an "outdated notion" of the founders' intent on individual liberty and literal interpretation of the Constitution.

Signing this petition equates to your support of the 2nd A, while torching the 1st.


Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Stop watching CNN,and we could get a Package Deal.

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