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Now Paul Craig Roberts Wonders About RT

 I'd written that the big Russian news channel RT was actually reinforcing the West's globalist and statist agenda despite seeming to support those forces in the US and the West that were fighting against the expansion of socialism ... actually, "national socialism" in the US.

You can see my column here: "Elite Neo-Nazis ... Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the Imposition of Global Government?"

In his column, Roberts begins with the idea that US news is "agenda driven" – but the real point of his column is that RT's agenda may, in some cases, not be much different than the West's power elite.

He explains he was made aware that RT was following the lead of US mainstream media – at least when it came to the ideology and nomenclature of gun control – as he conducted a Skype interview with RT on December 18th. He gradually realized that RT was "spreading the official US story of the shootings."

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