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Today on - December 27th 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Why Do Neocons Hate LRC?
We must be doing something right, says Lew Rockwell.
We Must Rebuild Society
We cannot reverse government-promoted moral and intellectual decline by passing more laws, says Ron Paul.
How To Advance Liberty
Bob Wenzel on Austro-libertarian Leonard Read.
Break Your Chains
Free yourself from the regime, says Gerald Celente.
Anti-Gun Types Are Full of Hate
They advocate violence against those with different ideas.
Government Is Their God
Bill Anderson on the Progressives.
Wars, Czars, and the Zombie Majority
Expect more government with absolute power in the years ahead, says Sibel Edmonds.
Bring Back the $500 Bill
Paul Huebl on what we need in our pockets, given the Fed.
21 Simple Things To Do
To prepare for a successful, primal 2013. Article by Mark Sisson.
Are TSA Agents Getting It On in Their Secret Rooms?
While laughing at naked passenger videos.

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