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Mass shootings: Who started the 'fires'?

• Bradlee Dean

Around 100 B.C., Rome had no fire department, and army general/politician Marcus Lacinius Crassus established a personal firefighting force. When a fire broke out, Crassus would arrive on site and proceed to bargain for the burning building and all surrounding structures until the owner would agree with his low price. The more the fire burned, the less he would bargain.

Crassus went on to be known as one of the richest men in Roman history through his extortive measures. This leads one to ask if he was responsible for starting the fires since he made such gain from them.

Shortly after the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where Adam Lanza killed 26 people, Barack Obama, the “Architect of this new America,” put himself in front of the cameras to address the massacre and read a scripted plea, attempting to cry over “our children.” He then promised “meaningful action.”


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Comment by Ed Price
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Now let me see. Who are the protectors of society, who protect us from terrorists? Isn't it the military, the police, SWAT, TSA agents, and other law enforcement?

What are these society protectors? Are they monkeys? Are they robots? No! They are people.

What occupations did they have before they became protectors of society? All different kinds of occupations... except for those that went into law enforcement and the military directly out of high school or college.

What were they before high school or college? Kids! and before that, babies! And before that, nothing.

So how is it that these ordinary people became law enforcement or military who protect us from terrorists? They elected it - or were forced into it through peer pressure, or by some other means.

How did they get their abilities to use weapons to protect society from terrorists? They were trained!

Are any of the people who are NOT law enforcement or military unable to be trained in terrorist protection methods? No! Does virtually EVERYONE have the capability for become part of law enforcement or the military to protect society from terrorists? YES, if the opportunity is provided!

NOW WE SEE THE OBAMA LIE. If Obama were truly interested in protecting society from terrorists, he would require everyone to get anti-terrorist training. Then he would arm us all with assault rifles and other arms. Why? Because we are people, just like law enforcement and the military. And we CAN be trained to fight terrorists.

What is Obama doing rather than training ALL the people to protect themselves and their friends and relatives and the whole country from terrorists? He is disarming the people so that the terrorists can attack and overcome them.

What does this make Obama out to be? OBAMA IS A FIRST-CLASS TERRORIST... A TERRORIST OF TERRORISTS. Obama is effecting Al Qaeda operations and goals against the American people far beyond the wildest dreams of any members of Al Qaeda.

Support Obama, your great terrorist leader who is against you.

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