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This Weekend on - Saturday December 29th 2012

Weekend Edition, December 29-30, 2012
The Anarcho-Capitalist Solution
Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the megalomaniacs called the State.
Hoard Nickels
Dave Hathaway on how to acquire and store the only US money worth more than its face value.
Protect the Right To Bear Arms
One purchase at a time. Article by Jim Fedako.
The Gold Business
Parker Vogt talks to Lew Rockwell about the fear of fiat and the interest in real.
Why the War Party Fears Chuck Hagel
The neocons mug him for refusing to mass-murder Iranians, says Pat Buchanan.
Seatbelt Mafia
The feds and their insurance buddies want more massive fines. Article by Eric Peters.
Showdown on the Grassy Knoll
Speaking the historical truth about the JFK murder conspiracy. Article by John Judge.
It's Payback Time
Foreclosing on the banksters for failing to maintain their repossessed properties. Article by Laura Gottesdiener.
Diane Feinstein Wants Your Guns
And your accessories and ammo, too. Mac Slavo and Ed Thomas on her totalitarian scheme.
The Nice Gun List
5 well-behaved, concealed-carry weapons.
Be Healthy For Years to Come
Margaret Durst on the 5 strategies.
The Neocons Are Spitting Mad
Will they damage LRC? Article by Lew Rockwell.

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