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Former New York Times Editor Makes A 'Liberal Case' For The 2nd Amendment

As the debate over gun control in the United States rages on, self-described liberal Craig Whitney is speaking out against fellow liberals' attacks on the Second Amendment.

Whitney, a former New York Times editor, argues in his new book "Living With Guns: A Liberal 's Case for the Second Amendment" that Americans have a long-standing common-law right to have guns for self-defense.

That right goes back to colonial times, when Americans felt they had a civic duty to use firearms when called upon to protect the common good, Whitney said in a recent

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Checking the backgrounds of everyone who buys a gun?? He who is a saint today may well be a lunatic visiting your local movie theatre or school next year. And history has repeatedly demonstrated that 'regulations' have little effect on the determined - and - 'registration' has always led to confiscation. A third nightmare for those who would govern without constraint is - 3D Printing, ie. the ability of someone sitting with their computer and very affordable printer in their own living room and printing out a very fuctional AR15 or AK47, or any other weapon they choose7. No registration. No serial numbers. No background checks. Impossible? It can't happen? Sorry, it has already begun. The technology is in its infancy - but the first cell phones were bricks. . In the service of 'Freedom' ain't technology grand.

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