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Gun Confiscation = Act of War

•, dwalters

Further, I would not recommend participating in any attempts by the government to make more exhaustive lists of gun ownership.

Laws are only effective when people mind them. Don't be complicit. Stand up against any measures that violate rights outlined in the Constitution.

The right to bear arms is a sacrosanct right of any free people. In addition, we have the right to stand against illegal searches and seizures. Gun confiscation not only violates the 2nd Amendment but also the 4th.

In the event that gun confiscation begins I suggest having enough food in store to last at least a couple of months (rice, beans, etc). Train members of your household how to conduct an effective fire watch detail and implement standard procedures to combat unlawful intrusions on your property. As well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in a home security system that cannot be remotely controlled from outside of your residence. Instead invest in loud buzzers that activate upon opening of windows or doors that work off of batteries.