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Gangs or Cops -- Or Do I Repeat Myself?

• Lew Rockwell blog
Denver Police Officer Eric Sellers once choked an innocent pedestrian into unconsciousness while two other officers refused to intervene. This was an act of summary “street justice” imposed as a penalty for “contempt of cop”: The victim, a volunteer fire fighter named Jared Lunn, had been assaulted at a nearby club and had told Sellers that he wanted to press charges. When Sellers dismissively told Lunn to go home, the 21-year-old disgustedly muttered “Way to `protect and serve.’” Such impudence on the part of a Mundane simply can’t be tolerated.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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I hope that Sellers has no family..human family that is.He has the Bald Head that so many cops have.What does that mean,having a Balk Head?.Is that a sign of membership? 

If he has a family,what do they think of him? What does his fellow officers think of him? Someone should ask them,on camera.