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The Zero State Solution – The Libertarian Answer to the “Arab/Israeli” Conflict

• Rafi Farber of Settlers of Samaria
In this post I will try to give the libertarian answer to a problem that has been nagging at all of us incessantly. The answer will probably shock you, so be prepared. There’s a problem. There’s this thing called the Jewish democratic State. It needs a majority of Jewish persons in it in order to maintain its Jewish character. There are these Arabs in territories that the military of this Jewish State governs. If those territories are annexed as officially part of this Jewish State, then Jewish persons will no longer be the majority in the State.

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is a great perspective. Unfortunately it won't work in America. Why not? There are too many people who don't have a clue about how to live without having someone else telling them what to do. And they know it. So, they want to be slaves of Government. And they think that because they themselves would never hurt anyone, that Government won't hurt them, either. Government lets them continue on in this frame of mind, while ever increasing the taxes.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Thank you for this post that was posted this link on my website by my good friend Eric Andreasen whom along with his wife have been so influential in setting me on this course in my life so long ago.  I am ashamed.  While I certainly am no friend of the Israeli government it took this blog post to shame me to the reminder that I am not a friend of ANY government and that I wish the state of Israel on no one any more than I wish a replacement Palestinian government or any other flag waving gangsters on anyone.

Thank you for setting me back on the course of nobody should be ruled by anyone.  Fuck all the gangsters!  May you all live free and in peace and prosperity with one another.