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Family Farmers to Travel to Washington, D.C. to Take on Monsanto

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 They will attend the January 10th Oral Argument in the Appeal of Dismissal to be aired before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. A Citizen's Assembly in support of family farmers at 10am in Lafayette Square will coincide with the beginning of the Oral Argument inside the court room.

"Our farmers want nothing to do with Monsanto," declared Maine certified organic seed farmer, Jim Gerritsen, President of lead Plaintiff Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association. "We are not customers of Monsanto. We don't want their seed. We don't want their gene-spliced technology. We don't want their trespass onto our farms. We don't want their contamination of our crops.

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(Additionally, to the brands listed on the above poster, boycott these: Back to Nature - Kraft, French Meadows - Rich Products, Heinz - H.J. Heinz, Izze - Pepsico, DEAN Foods, GOYA Foods, Santa Cruz Organic - Smuckers, Simply Orange - Coca-Cola, SUNDAE - Abbott Nutrition, S&W - Faribault Foods, Treetop -
Treetop (Juices), Unilever, Welch's)

(On the left-hand side of this poster, are the companies that contributed $46 MILLION, to defeat CA Prop 37, which was designed to force food companies to LABEL GMOs. On the right side, are those TRUE ORGANIC HERO companies, that donated $9 MILLION, to support legislation, CA Prop 37, which would require food companies to LABEL GMOs. You see, over the past several years, MEGA-Food corporations, like CONAGRA, Cargill, General Mills, Kelloggs,
etc., have been buying up small TRUE ORGANIC food companies, but, then, are now trying to stop people from forcing them to LABEL GMOs! They don't want you to know which foods have GMOs, because, if it were up to THEM, they'd just feed us all GMO crap, while serving true organic food, to their own employees, in their own cafeterias - like Monsanto does! BOYCOTT the companies on the LEFT-HAND side of this poster, and support, purchase from, those on the RIGHT-HAND side!)

3) (Which mega-corporations have bought up which smaller organic food companies) 

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