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Despite 2008 Campain Pledge, Obama Aims for Executive Action to Restrict Guns

 At this point is is quite clear that the Obama Administration is indeed planning to come after the guns.

But Obama will not be content with waiting for, or limiting action to, the already draconian Feinstein bill.

Repeat, there have been numerous signs that Obama is not waiting for Congress on guns.

Instead, Washington Post reports, the Joe Biden-led working group is aiming for executive action to rapidly reign in guns rights and implement supra-constitutional policies to harass gun owners and discourage an armed (and potentially independent) firearms culture.

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America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See

 #1 Tobacco Use - 529,000
 #2 Medical Errors - 195,000
 #3 Unintentional Injuries - 118,021
 #4 Alcohol Abuse - 107,400
 #5 Motor Vehicle Accidents - 34,485
 #6 Unintentional Poisoning - 31,758
 #7 Drug Abuse - 25,500
 #8 Unintentional Falls - 24,792
 (Non-firearm covers the use of many varied weapons -- knives, bats, hammers, poisons, and mores)

 #10 Firearm Homicides - 11,493

 U.S. Deaths per year, from selected causes:  Sources:  CDC, FBI, U.S. Federal Government