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Letter Re: The Heavy Equipment Threat

•, B.B.D.
 If, like me, you've been slowly adding more security to your bug-in location or retreat, you've been adding perimeter defenses such as fencing, detectors, etc. in order to prevent people and/or vehicles from easily gaining access to your property. If you have more funds than I do, then you've probably installed harder defenses, such as bollards, ditches, and maybe even concertina wire. These measures will stop most vehicular threats, and oh, sure -- nothing is going to stop indirect fire (mortars, artillery) or attack from the air, but there is a much simpler way to gain access that we all need to be aware of: heavy equipment.

Having worked in construction for many years. I, like thousands of others, have acquired and collected keys to most types of heavy equipment, to include bulldozers, front end loaders, and excavators. Bottom line is, there are too many keys out there, and unlike most vehicles, most manufacturers use just one key for all their equipment, A good example is Caterpillar who for at least thirty years has used the exact same key for all their various types of earthmoving machines. This makes it all the easier for someone to "borrow" or steal one, and if TSHTF, there will be a lot of equipment sitting around at abandoned quarries and job sites.