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Study: Space travel is harmful to the brain

• Terrence Aym
Are humans doomed to remain marooned on a world orbiting a third-generation star while all the universe tantalizingly beckons just out of grasp?

A new study seems to suggest that depressing scenario. While it's true much of the human race would prefer to stay rooted to terra firma, the future—and future survival—of Mankind lies outward with the stars.

What may keep humans from inheriting the stars? It's not space monsters, evil aliens, or insurmountable interstellar distances, but killer cosmic rays.

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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I read several of her posts, then realized that in essence, every word that the writes is a lie including the words 'and' and 'the' Now I ignore her stuff. I figure if, by some weird accident, there is anything of value there, then it will appear elsewhere. I do not think that it ever has. 

Comment by PureTrust
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All right, all right. I was just kidding around with my previous comment, here. Yet, it seems that on earth, folks with really bad hygiene, who live in poor, third-world countries with really bad hygiene, die young. It's the microbes, the disease, the bacteria and viruses that kill them.

It also seems that many people who live in the advanced countries live shorter lives when they have inflammation in their bodies. For sure, their lives are less comfortable. Inflammation is basically caused by microbes, bacteria and viruses. To be sure, they are not the same microbes that attack it poor hygiene. But it is microbes just the same.

Will microbes die from killer cosmic rays? Perhaps all the bad microbes will die from killer cosmic rays, and the body will have time to repair its neurological and brain damage, and people will live for hundreds of years out there.

Comment by PureTrust
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Killer old age has been around for a long time. While nobody knows for sure from experience how long a person lives after he is dead - for all we know, all those people in the cemeteries are still alive somewhere somehow - everyone who is dead seems to be dead. So, what's the dif if we die out there or die right here?