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BREAKING: Video of Alex Jones Interviewed By Piers Morgan (+POST Debate VIDEO)

Peirs Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The Gun Debate Round 1:
Peirs Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The Great Gun Debate Round 2:

BREAKING: Video of Alex Jones Interviewed By Piers Morgan
Wow, I told you to bring popcorn. In a very passionate manner, Alex lets Piers Morgan have it. And it is important that Alex brought up the many millions killed by governments, in countries where guns were confiscated. That's the real reason guns must not be taken from citizens---for protection should a government ever become totalitarian, in the manner they became totalitarian and mass murdering countries when Stalin, Mao and Hitler took control.

Not all will like Alex's passion, but he is on worldwide television standing up to an apologist for the state. We need more of it, with each using his own style and technique. Our job is to explain the important points Alex was trying to make.

(Alex mentioned this so here it is)

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America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See

"#1 Tobacco Use - 529,000
#2 Medical Errors - 195,000
#3 Unintentional Injuries - 118,021
#4 Alcohol Abuse - 107,400
#5 Motor Vehicle Accidents - 34,485
#6 Unintentional Poisoning - 31,758
#7 Drug Abuse - 25,500
#8 Unintentional Falls - 24,792
(Non-firearm covers the use of many varied weapons -- knives, bats, hammers, poisons, and more.

#10 Firearm Homicides - 11,493

U.S. Deaths per year, from selected causes: Sources: CDC, FBI, U.S. Federal Government"


Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people

"They" are prepping for the chaos that will ensue, after complete economic collapse.  In order to survive the economic collapse "they" orchestrated, they'll have to disarm the public.

Petition Demands Obama Turn In All His Guns


It is clear, what the Founders intended, by writing the 2nd Amendment the way they did. The Supreme Court, itself, has upheld that interpretation. It seems quite clear to me, that the Founders were simply putting down on paper, what they understood was a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT, of the individual to protect himself, and family, primarily from government tyranny. So, the way I see it - the ONLY GOD-GIVEN RIGHT(S), that the government can "take" away from you, are those that YOU FAIL TO EXERCISE! The government really has NOTHING to do, whatsoever, with how the individual chooses to exercise his/her GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!


Demand a REAL Plan

"Democide, or death by government, has killed hundreds of millions of people just in the last century alone, making it the number one cause of unnatural death in the 20th century."  (Estimates are between 250 and 292 million deaths
were caused by government).