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Lights, Camera, Entrapment! Homeland Security Theater in Portland

 Barre expressed his concerns to the FBI, which quite helpfully arranged for two of its "terrorism facilitators" to take charge of the 18-year-old’s indoctrination. As a result, Mohamud, now 21 years old, is on trial for involvement in a terrorism "plot" that was entirely scripted and controlled by the FBI.

Mohamud was born in Somalia shortly before the U.S. invaded that country as part of a UN-mandated mission to impose a central government on that fissiparous tribal culture. That mission disintegrated in 1994 after it became clear that the Somalis weren’t interested in living under a UN-designed government. Thirteen years later, the administration of George W. Bush induced the Ethiopian government to invade and occupy the country. Washington’s ongoing war against Somalia involves the use of troops from a coalition of regional proxies and drone strikes against "suspected militants."