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10 Signs That You May Be Listening To Too Much Fox News

•, by Tona Monroe
 George Washington was a good man, but he appointed Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury, leading to the creation of a national bank. John Adams became the first tyrant President, signing the Alien and Sedition Acts. Worse, Adams shoved John Marshall through as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, giving us a constitutional disaster as Jon Roland, founder of the Constitution Society, describes him. The people became fed up and elected Thomas Jefferson in 1800 ushering in the Jeffersonian era. The 2012 election was the election of 1800 of our day, and we had a Jeffersonian candidate in Ron Paul, but the people failed to usher in a new Jeffersonian era.

Instead, we got Flip vs. Dip, big government ObamaCare candidate one vs. big government ObamaCare candidate two. Many Republicans didn’t like Mitt Romney, but voted for him thinking ObamaCare would be repealed. One Republican said to me, now that the election is over, ObamaCare is upon us. I don’t know how any Republican could make this statement with a straight face. ObamaCare was upon us regardless of whether Flip Romney or Dip Obama was elected.