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Sovereign Living (SovereignLiving.TV) brought to you by John Bush and Catherine Belish

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Choose freedom!  Make the choice to live your life in a manner as consistent with the philosophy of liberty as possible.

Those seeking freedom all too often find their lives consumed by the need and desire to fight against what they see as intrusive and overreaching threats to their individual liberty.  It is in this reaction that we are giving up our freedom – for when the enemies of liberty are able to dictate our actions, we are not living freely according to our own path.

Sovereign Living encourages individuals to invest in their sovereignty by learning to live self sufficiently.  We encourage local communities to come together voluntarily to solve their common problems without the need for state coercion.

Be it growing your own food, living more naturally, participating in the counter-economy, or learning to defend yourself and your family, you have the ability to LIVE FREE NOW!  – You need not ask permission.

Catherine Bleish maintains a photoblog at
John Bush is the host of the Rise Up Radio Show on KDRP in Austin, TX.