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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama (Part 1)

• L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise
The Publisher and Editor wish to grow this effort, so please respond with any information which supplements the charges laid, or which identifies new charges which should be added to the list. For this first edition, I have proceeded to work primarily from memory documenting things that most people either know about or can easily find on the Internet. I hope to revise this in the future with better documentation. 

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Comment by 63 Marine
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It is way past time that Americans stop bowing to the Washington communist/queer clown and really do something about removing him from office. He is Hell bent on ruining America and all those who voted for him are caught up with him being black. Lets get with it ASAP....

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Like Clinton before him, this will be a long list of impeachable offenses for which the Republicans in the House--if they have the nads to impeach Obama--WON'T mention in the indictment.  All those wanting the GOP to give you the charade of impeaching Obama better hope he is getting pizzas delivered to the Secret Service by an intern.