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Letter Re: Voting With Our Feet

• A Patriot in Central America
 According to the best data I can find, there are currently more than a million Americans leaving the United States each year. And while the vast majority will choose to retain their US citizenship, and their reasons for leaving are varied, the net effect on the American economy will be great. Here's why: The people who are leaving are, almost to a family, high income earners. Many of those replacing them in the US are coming to take advantage of our generous "entitlement" system, and this phenomenon will result in a net drain on the system that will only accelerate the demise of our current economy.

The light went on for me on election night. I realized, with perfect clarity, that this administration had spent the previous four years using MY tax dollars to aggressively create as many economic parasites as possible, and then promise them even more of my money in return for their votes. As a fiercely patriotic American who has fought and bled for this country, this brought me to a painful decision: I must take drastic measures to stop supporting such a corrupt system.

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