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Video: Patriot Kentucky Sheriff: 'I Will Not Enforce Federal Gun Grabbing Laws'

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Comment by PureTrust
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More than that. Find out if you have a good sheriff. If you do, not only tell him/her that you are behind him all the way, offer to be deputized in a special position of on-call-in-Constitutional-emergencies deputy. Let him/her figure out how to put that form of deputizing into play.

If you don't have a good sheriff, get with your friends and neighbors about it.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Sheriff Tim Muller of Linn County Oregon has also stood up to the fascist tyranny regime. All there sheriff's that are stepping up to the plate to protect our rights on this issue definitely need to be contacted to let them know that you stand with them 100% on this paramount life or death issue. They need to know that their community and the people are standing with them for sure.

Get on the phone or e mail these men and let them know they are supported.