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Gun Problem Solved!!!

• Allan Mason
ATTENTION ALL SHERIFFS:  Stop the Federal Government from undermining the second amendment with  gun laws, statutory restrictions and executive orders.  Simply abide by the original mandate of constitution and deputize every citizen in your county. Obviously after passing a criminal background check, attending the same course as carry permit applicants do, then issue citizens a shield, badge or whatever identification that certifies them as a legal law enforcement officer.

Police officers do not need a permit to carry a side arm, their badge is their permit. Therefore then, the government will not disarm county sheriffs or their deputies because federal laws and carry statutes don’t apply to them.

There are other and important benefits too. Every county participating will increase the number of armed officers by as much as a 1000 times, at no additional cost. More deputies in the community means a safer place to live, work and play. Deputize teachers, bankers, convenient store employees, movie theater employees and anyone working in high crime zones. Plus it would blow the criminals mind!!! Everywhere a potential lawbreaker looks there is an armed police officer.

It may lower crime to the point where counties could trim down the size of their department. Think of the saving without loss of protection. Less patrol cars need to be purchased, which saves gas, tires and repairs. Lower insurance premiums, reduced liability, less lawsuits, retirement benefits, and health insurance.

The courts would be less contested saving millions of tax dollars used to support them. John Lott’s book may be renamed from “More Guns, Less Crime” to “More Trained Citizen Cops With Guns… No Crime.”