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Piers Morgan Chickens Out Of Second Debate With Alex Jones

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CNN host Piers Morgan has seemingly chickened out of a second clash with Alex Jones on gun control, refusing to respond to a challenge by Jones that would have seen the two square off in a moderated debate.

On Wednesday, Jones challenged Morgan to another face-off that would follow classic debate rules, be overseen by an independent moderator and allow an equal amount of time for each speaker.

Despite the fact that Morgan has addressed Jones directly in a number of tweets since the challenge was issued, he has failed to respond to the challenge itself five days after it was made.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Unfortunately, different kinds of people have different kinds of mental weaknesses. There are people who like to go on nude bike rides. There are people who are disgusted by it. There are people who succumb to the Nigerian email scams, and send thousands of dollars off to crooks they are tricked into trusting. There are folks who love to play with the Nigerian email scammers online, giving them back a dose of their own medicine.

Piers Morgan and those like him are not out there to win the staunch gun supporters over to their way of thinking. They are out there to help the wimpy gun-shy folks find a home where they will feel secure. It's an emotional thing. It has nothing to do with logic. Here's the way it works.

Piers Morgan, with his emotional rhetoric, identifies with all the scared anti-gun little people. Then when people like Alex Jones or Larry Pratt beat Piers down, all the little folks who have identified with Piers become more afraid than ever. Their emotion whips them into a frenzy that vents itself as some form of consensus in the eyes of Washington, so that Government has the excuse to take away the guns.

What we need to do is show the wimpy folks that we are on their side entirely. We are there to protect them from all the bad guys that want to harm them. But we need our guns to protect them. In other words, we need to take the sting out of the gun thing, and convert the anti-gunner to our side by befriending him the same way that Piers Morgan is doing... except that we will be doing it from the standpoint of strength on the side of the little, wimpy guy. Not from the Piers Morgan standpoint of weakness.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This Morgan clown is a real piece of work. They must be paying him very well.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I would like to see this moron Morgan go at it again with Ben Sheripo. As a matter of fact I would like a crack at him myself, but that would only be a waste of my time as well as his. I'm wondering why I'm wasting my time now on this drone media whore.