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Pay $150,000 to exercise property rights?


The U.S. Supreme Court today was asked to rein in the “shakedown” of a property owner by a governmental body in Florida, where a water district demanded he pay up to $150,000 to be allowed to develop several acres of a parcel his father bought decades ago.

The case was argued by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of the Koontz family of Florida.

The non-profit group is asking the Supreme Court “to make it clear that the Constitution forbids any kind of shakedown in the permitting process: money grabs (such as the Koontz family was hit with) are just as unconstitutional as land grabs.”

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Love your comments, shootfirst. But part of the idea is to come out of it alive, isn't it? If you shoot first, you might get 2 or 3 of them before the rest of them get you... and then your family will have to put up with what is considered by most, a disgraceful act on your part (Google: police brutality. Then Google: good cops. You will see that there are more than 10 times as many good-cop hits as police-brutality hits. In general, people like cops.). So, what  is more practical than shooting first?

 I know, I know. shooting first might be the right and honorable way to go. But won't this help to give anti-gunners more ammo to disarm America? There must be a better way.

What's your plan? Show us your plan that we can implement, with courage and bravery, and that will get results. Or are we way past that, and there is nothing else besides "shootfirst" left?