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Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists

•, Paul Joseph Watson
 A safety exercise involving police, national guard and emergency management officials in Portsmouth, Ohio was centered around the premise that individuals “disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment” plotted to use weapons of mass destruction to terrorize the local community.
The exercise, which took place yesterday, was run by the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit, Scioto County first responders as well as local law enforcement.

“The make-believe scenario is timely,” reports WSAZ News Channel 3, “Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.”

The drill revolved around the scenario of the two pro-second amendment advocates killing a teacher before setting up a chemical lab to develop weapons of mass destruction.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Disgruntled military high command along with disgruntled first responder commanders are practicing for a time when Bitcoin takes over as the money system, taxes fall, and their pay goes down the tubes. They are practicing to become the terrorists that they so boldly claim they are practicing to resist. The reason that they are practicing now is, Bitcoin and other ecurrencies are going viral on the Internet. It won't take long for the banking system to lose its monopoly. And if the people are not forced into subjection, THE PEOPLE WILL BECOME REALLY FREE. NOW is the only chance the various forms of law enforcement have to gain the upper hand. So, they are practicing to become terrorists... not that they often aren't terrorists already.

Comment by PureTrust
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Government ABSOLUTELY MUST gain control of the guns, now. Why? Because the advent of Bitcoin is taking the money control away from Government. When they don't have control of either the money or the guns, they will fall to pieces. They need to do it NOW. In 5 years from now, Bitcoin will be entirely bypassing the banks.

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