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Why is Adam Lanza’s Documentary History Missing?


Ever since the horrible shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School I’ve been waiting for the autopsy report and any other information of the killer. There has been information from day to day, but the claims are usually dismantled the next day. Like many others, I’ve wondered about the possible influence of, or of withdrawal from, psychotropic drugs.

But we know basically nothing about Adam Lanza. It is as if the Left has been handed a gift, a gun that seems to have killed with no person behind it. We can speculate about his mental health or his medications or his video games or his mother, but we have no solid evidence of anything; just changing stories from people who have not seen him recently. Adam Lanza is the perfect propaganda tool for demonizing guns.

But it is not just the tox screen that we are still waiting for. It recently occurred to me that all the noise about gun control is distracting us, the populace, from some basic questions any news organization worthy of the name should be investigating. For example, this editorial points out something so obvious that I’m embarrassed I haven’t thought of it before now:

“When Adam Lanza moved on to middle school and then to high school, his cumulative folder (a student’s records) should have followed him. And so should have information about any special accommodations to which he would have had a legal right under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act). If Adam Lanza was a gifted student, it would also have been noted in his cumulative folder and he would have also had the right for “special accommodations” throughout his school career.”

So where is it? Why has no one asked for it, mentioned it, or published it? “Public school officials can do more than provide an opinion. Public schools should be able to provide records.”

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