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NYPD Cop Handcuffs Photojournalist and Deletes Video Footage of Stop-and-Frisk Detainment

• Photography Is Not a Crime

A New York City police officer handcuffed a photojournalist before deleting his footage Wednesday, forcing the photographer to view the NYPD in a new light.

“I’ve always been very pro-cop, never been anti-cop,” Shimon Gifter said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Thursday night.

“But if they can do this to a guy who is known to the community and to the cops as being very pro-cop, I would love to see what they would do a guy who is anti-NYPD.”


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Comment by Hawkeye
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We use to visit NY all the time....Never Again!! We don`t want to be beat up,or,arrested by the NYC Cop`s,or,worse.The people of NY,the ones that think they are so wonderful are being pushed around like game pieces by their Governors,and that Comi Mayor,and police that are off the chart with power fueled by stupidity.The cops there are pushing the edges of Humanity.