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Banknote bungle: Maple leaf on Canada's new $20 bill is ...Norwegian?


Sean Blaney, a botanist who tracks plants for the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Center in New Brunswick, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that the Bank of Canada put the “wrong” maple leaf on the new version of the C$20 bill.

Though the differences between the Norway maple and Canada's native sugar maple may not be obvious to everyone, the Norway leaf has more sections and a more pointed outline, he explained.

The Norway maple tree has been naturalized in Canada after it was introduced to the country in the 18th century.

“It's a species that's invasive in Eastern Canada and is displacing some of our native species, and it's probably not an appropriate species to be putting on our native currency,” Blaney told CBC News.

Blaney suggested that the prevalence of the Norway maple in Canada could be the reason why its leaf was chosen for the latest version of the C$20 bill.