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Chilean President Piñera Has Not Had the Presidency He Expected

 The student reform movement and the activism of hundreds of thousands of young people has lead to a new wave of political leaders who, despite their youth, have started political careers to be elected to the Chilean Congress, amongst them Camila Vallejo, Giorgio Jackson and Camilo Ballesteros.
About the Mapuche activists, Zamorano states that “Piñera has chosen a military rather than a socio-economic approach to the complex situation of the Mapuche people, who are engaged in a struggle to recover their lands”.

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The law of nature MUST operate accurately. If one law of nature fails in one tiny point, the whole of nature and the universe will collapse with a gigantic, explosive crash.

Both in Chile, and the United States, and worldwide, when people break the natural laws of love, of fulfilling their agreements and contracts, of honesty and truth, then nature steps in to make automatic corrections. The corrections eliminate the breakers of the natural laws. And they remove whole nations when necessary. Why? Because you can't break the laws of nature.

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