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Put Not Your Trust in Federalized Sheriffs

 The sheriff wants his constituents to believe that he would refuse to participate in a federally mandated gun grab, or permit one to be carried out by federal officials within his jurisdiction. Yet ten days before Smith offered that assurance, his office had taken part in an early-morning SWAT rampage throughout East Texas in which 73 warrants were served as part of the federal government’s patently unconstitutional war on drugs.

During a December 2011 campaign debate, Smith said that he wanted to "invest more resources" – that is, redirect wealth plundered from the productive – into a "Drug Task Force," and insisted that under his administration the Sheriff’s Office would embrace a "Task Force mentality" in dealing with law enforcement issues.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I have just one question for any of these sheriff's who claim to know the Constitution and follow their oath.


How many citizens do you have in your jail that have no connection to an injured or loss of property? In other words, have committed a REAL crime.


Their answer will tell you weather they are for real or not.