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America's Real Spending Problem Is A Lot Harder To Fix

• Business Insider
Our disastrous commitment to the current national lifestyle, in particular suburban sprawl and everything it entails.

This point came across vividly in a video recently released by the usually level-headed David McAlvaney titled "The Fuse Is Lit Part 3 - an American Reckoning." In it, the smooth and articulate McAlvaney is shown behind the wheel of his SUV tooling across the picturesque small town in Colorado where he lives inveighing against the public that elects politicians who deliver the voters cash benefits. This dynamic is surely deadly, and implies Democracy's tragic self-limiting nature. But McAlvaney suggests if we could come to grips with the fiscal quandary of "entitlement" spending, American life would just rock on.

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 notice how the MSM always is concerned about entitlements being toooo big but never mentions reducing military spending or reducing deficit spending.