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Making petrol out of fresh air?

 Aberdeen, Scotland - With one of the world's most famous railway lines, Stockton-on-Tees has already given birth to one transport revolution. On September 27, 1825, it carried the first ever passenger rail service along its 40km route through industrial north-east England - changing the world forever.

Today, it is at the centre of another technological breakthrough that some scientists and engineers believe could be just as significant as steam locomotion.

A small company working in two converted shipping containers says it has found a way to make petrol from fresh air and water.

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Wanna clean up the air in the big cities? Introducing the suks-a-crud engine. All it is, is a big vacuum cleaner hooked onto the air intake so that the engine can run off the pollution in the air. Only works in big cities. And won't work after the air becomes clean.

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