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Molon Labe, Indeed

• Lew Rockwell blog

Those New Yorkers who own guns should understand how likely it is that some of you will die. When the Redcoats marched on Lexington and Concord to seize the Patriots' arms, they killed farmers who resisted -- exactly as the standing army among us called cops will kill you. But for sure, if some don't die, if we don't resist this lawless, unconstitutional, despotic theft of our weapons, the government will slaughter many more  in concentration camps or gulags, the fate of other peoples whose governments have disarmed them. I also urge all who love freedom, no matter where you live, to rush to your fellow serfs' defense if Cuomo and his fiends begin shooting New Yorkers.

The line in the sand is grabbing guns. We can live, albeit in horribly reduced circumstances, with an economy Our Rulers have devastated. We can circumvent official sexual assault at the airports by boycotting the airlines. We can buy and sell contraband on the black market. But we can't defend ourselves and our families without guns.