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Video - Storm Clouds Gathering: The Three Pillars of Power are Collapsing.

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Comment by PureTrust
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The most important part of this video is wording that states that it is the belief of the people that makes things happen. Leaders twist the beliefs of the people so that the people think that a certain thing is THE THING THAT IS REAL. As long as that belief can be maintained among the people, things will continue as they have for some time into the future.

Read Daniel 11 in the Bible. It talks about many different kings and leaders who went about with many campaigns to conquer parts of the world. Where did they get their armies? They got their armies from the common people they were able to convince that making war was the best thing for all involved.

Who died in the wars? Generally it was members of the armies. Seldom did the kings and leaders die.

It's the same now. Believe in the lies that the leaders tell you, let them take control of you, and you will die for sure.

If you are going to die anyway, isn't it better to die fighting for your freedom? After all, you just might win, right? But if you listen to the leaders, you have no idea about what is going on because of all of their lies.