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Neal Adams - Science: Part 01 - Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!


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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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there is no molten center of the earth never has been the earth is under 6000 years of age look at mercury and some other planet  since mercury poles are faced toward the sun and outward in its orbit you can see another sun on the inside of the planet as for the million year bologny that is so bogus in the first  place the earth was perfect once and is growing like the other planets  the earth is a hollow earth since the beginning when he the created created it as so 

Comment by PureTrust
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When you consider the arbitrary and inconsistent nature of the methods used for dating the age of the earth, and the inconsistent suggested age of the earth itself, and compare it with the historical record of the Bible ( approximately 6,000 years - ), it seems that the earth is expanding in size way faster than anyone could have thought. This brings to light the political hidden agenda (CONTROL) of those who want population control in general. (Localized population control may have certain advantages.)

The point is, that by the time world population has reached any kind of dangerous-to-the-planet-or-to-the-human-race proportions regarding the current size of the earth, the earth will have expanded way more than enough to accommodate the higher populations. And it will always be like this, until people finally have the ability to expand to the stars, and don't have to even think about population control any longer.

Comment by PureTrust
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More than likely, the pressure on the materials at the center of the earth, are so extremely great that the atoms are literally being crushed. This means that the electrons of the different elements are riding near the nuclei of the atoms that they are a part of. This causes far less empty space between subatomic particles at the center of the earth than at the outer surface.

What's the significance of this? There are many different kinds of subatomic particles that are traveling through outer space. As some of these enter the area of space that the earth exists in, they shoot right through the outer surface atoms of the earth, because the distance between the electrons and the nuclei of the outer atoms is so far apart percentage-wise.

Yet, as these particles penetrate deeper and deeper into the earth, they are more likely to collide with electrons or atomic nuclei, because the more central atoms are compressed because of gravity, and the weight of the material on top of them. It's like the pressure increases the deeper you dive in the ocean, or even a swimming pool.

Since there are more of atoms the deeper you go towards the center of the earth, and since these atoms are more highly compressed in on themselves, the more likely it is that subatomic particles from outer space which are shooting through the earth will hit them. When they hit, they convert into heat and more material.

So, we are gaining more material from outer space all the time, at or near the center of the earth.

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