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The Republican Party seeks to learn from its mistakes—and it wants your help

• Yahoo News
You think they're really listening?? HAH I doubt it. But lets give them a large dose of libertarian or anarchism anyway. To kick off this week's Republican National Committee's winter strategy session, which will focus in part on how to broaden the party's appeal to women and minority voters, the RNC on Thursday launched a website soliciting ideas and constructive criticism about what the party did wrong in 2012—and what it can do better over the next four years. The site, which is part of its "Growth and Opportunity Project" created to analyze the last election, includes a wide-ranging survey seeking input on things such as whether Republicans should spend more or less time talking about the economy, national security, social issues or taxes. "Do you think the Republican Party shares your values?" it continues, after asking about demographics like race, age and gender. "Do you think the Republican Party listens to voters like you?" The survey also asks about five areas where it nee