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Women in combat: Will they have to register for the draft?

• Christian Science Monitor
Now that the Pentagon is lifting its ban on women in combat, does this mean that women could potentially be drafted, too?
And as a practical matter: When women turn 18, will they now need to register, as men do, so that they can be conscripted in the event of a World War III, or any military emergency where the US government decides it needs troops quickly?

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Comment by Alicia Pepin
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 Im not sure I agree with this one , yes a woman has the right to serve but do woman really know combat without lettting emotion get the best of them , and is it better or worse for men in combat or a disstraction?

Comment by PureTrust
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The draft? If you don't have / have gotten rid of your Social Security Number, they probably won't accept you into the military. But even if you DO have the SSN, and you don't agree that you will sign any of their paperwork or take the Oath, they won't draft you. You might have to spend a little time in jail while your legal work is in the process, but it's your choice. Jail or death in combat in one of their non-wars.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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