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RAND PAUL: If The GOP Doesn't 'Adapt Or Evolve, We're Going To Die'

• Business Insider

The exchange — in which he told Clinton he would have "fired her" if he were president — was eyebrow-raising, but not particularly surprising. In recent weeks, Paul has made a habit of inflaming political passions, part of a calculated effort to boost the Kentucky Senator's national profile in advance of a possible 2016 presidential bid. 

Check out Paul's activities in the last month alone:

• He was one of just five Republican Senators to vote against the New Year's Eve fiscal cliff deal.

He took a tour of Israel with 40 evangelical leaders, including several from Iowa and South Carolina, two key early voting states.

• He accused President Barack Obama of acting like a "king" by issuing executive orders to curb gun violence, and told off New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his criticism of the NRA. (He also chided Christie for throwing a "tantrum" over Hurricane Sandy relief aid.)

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