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Holder begins gun-control push

• The Hill
The proposed regulations would give local law-enforcement agencies access to the gun-sale database that is maintained by the FBI. The rules would also preserve records of denied weapons sales indefinitely.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Yeah, you're right, KV. I haven't been able to tell from the bark, either, who has the longer or shorter barrel. Obama or Holder. What about bullet exit speeds?

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Well Pure Trust, that has exactly nothing to do with the topic.  (Aside from the fact that the powder actally burns inside the barrel and not in the cartridge case.)  And the difference in the report between a long and short barrel in microscopic at best -- unless you're talking about a .22.  And with a .22,  the bullet is generally slower upon exiting a long barrel than with a shorter barrel.

Comment by PureTrust
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The strongest part of the gun needs to be the chamber and the part of the barrel near the chamber. Why? Because that is the part that contains the strongest of the explosive force.

As the bullet travels towards the end of the barrel away from the chamber, the exploded gasses expand. And as they expand, they lose pressure.

The reason that a gun with a short barrel barks louder than a similar gun with a long barrel is, the instantly released pressure is higher at the end of a short barrel, because it has not had the length of a long barrel to be reduced before it is vented into the atmosphere.