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Geico Canceling Insurance Because Customers Work In Firearms Industry

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An SD reader has sent us his notification of cancellation of auto insurance from GEICO effective 1/22/13 due to the fact that ”the vehicle does not meet our underwriting guidelines because it is used in conjunction with a company that deals in the weapons industry”.
First Bank of America began confiscating the funds of firearms dealers, now GEICO believes it can cancel service for anyone working in the firearms industry. Who needs gun bans when the the banksters are more than willing to do the dirty work and pull strong armed corruption Chicago style stunts?

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Comment by normnip
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I'll agree Warren Buffet runs GEICO and, incredibly, is a liberal socialist but . . . is GEICO going anti-gun? I'm not sure now that I've called GEICO, my auto insurance company. We need more info.

I called just a minute ago. The insurance agent has not heard of anything like this. He suggested, for one example only, that if the policyholder had a personal auto policy and was using it in a capacity not covered, like commercial, they would cancel him and he would need to get the right coverage.

We've got to be very careful, cautious, that we're not letting our emotions mislead us. Almost always the ends DO NOT justify the means.

Comment by PureTrust
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Geico agents laid off for lack of sales.

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