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Drunk On Liberty Episode 74

Drunken Entertainment podcast from a liberty perspective, public restroom noises, fire alarm drill while on the shitter, Alex Jones calls himself the leader of the liberty movement, booze news, american drinking more booze than juice and milk, booze can be part of weight loss, 10 best wine destinations, drunker at higher altitudes, drunk of the week woman drives 900 miles instead of 90 because of GPS, US programmer outsourced his own job to china, lapdancer deathly balcony lapdance, brazilian wax leads to less pubic lice, deaf twins euthanized, beer review, Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga’ Substitute, thats what she said news, driving under the influence of over the counter drugs banned in new hampshire, driver and mother shot by police, 23 obama executive orders on guns, Camden NJ pays $3.5 million to victims of police corruption, adam carolla’s broadcast company being sued, Aaron killed by government, TSA to remove naked body scanners, cool new shit, clothing makes you invisible to dron

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Alex Jones...really! I have written Alex Jones - We are Change - the Oath Keepers - ,and others asking the same question.Neither of them have answered.The question was about stopping our troops from firing on us,without "us"firing a shot.They obviously had no interest in the method.meaning they would rather have we Americans be shot. Not only should we question everything,but everybody as well.I do agree with Alex`s rant of the Morgan show.Alex`s friend Jesse Ventura is the only so called American that has actually filled out the paper work to become a "Mexican".