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Heritage Foundation Discusses Future of Real ID


Washington, DC

Monday, January 28, 2013

The 2005 REAL ID Act established minimum federal standards for state-issued identification documents, such as driver’s licenses, based on recommendations from the 9/11 Commission. Last month, the Homeland Security Department said that 13 states now meet those standards and granted deferments to the remaining states and territories.

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel discussion on the implementation of REAL ID.

Jennifer Cohan, Director of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles; Lori Rectanus, Assistant Director of Education, Workforce and Income Security Team at the Government Accountability Office; and Andrew Meehan, Policy Analyst at the Coalition for A Secure Driver’s License joined Jessica Zuckerman, Research Associate in Homeland Security at The Heritage Foundation for a discussion on the implementation of the rules at the state and local levels.