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22-year-old educates Piers Morgan on guns

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Piers Talks to the 'Gun Girls' Celia Bigelow & Aubrey Blankenship - 1-24-13:

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Raise Hell

We have been saying ”we are as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”,

those days are over!

Time to lock and load!

Tea is going to demand the deportation of Piers Morgan, write Gun Owners of America a big fat check and your Tea Party Team is going face to face with Congressmen!


Get this: The Lame Stream Media’s Spokes-Hole Piers Morgan has just become the Official Hater of America’s Second Amendment, and the poster boy for confiscating every last gun in America...and tossing you into prison if you don’t comply.

Get this, are we going to do our best to deport this liberal media spokes-hole, and we are going to fund the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” taught by our good friends at Gun Owners Of American, President Larry Pratt! This should piss off a few liberal lamebrains! But it doesn’t stop there!

We are going to send our Tea Party Team to Washington for one-on-one meeting with Congressmen urging them to wake up and reject any gun grabbing!

We have a 3 prong approach:

1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

2. Fund: “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”

3. Face To Face! Tea Party Team in the Halls of Congress!

Keep reading for this incredible opportunity to rub liberal blowhard’s nose in it and send a blistering message to all haters of the Second Amendment...

Liberals are haters of America’s Second Amendment and Piers Morgan is no different. Piers Morgan used his prominent media position to exploit gun control and to twist the facts about gun fatalities. If he had his way, he would confiscate every last gun in America, trashing our Second Amendment right to bear arms, leaving Americans utterly defenseless. If you didn’t comply? He’d have you thrown into prison. His own words.

Read it for yourself! Click -> "Gun Crazy Laws"

The Tea Party and Gun Owners say:

Take Your Globalist Ideas and Get Out!

Morgan suggested he may “self-deport” We should be so lucky.

So let’s help throw him out like yesterday’s garbage! We don’t need traitors to the American Constitution or strippers of our Second Amendment rights –not to mention from someone who isn’t even a citizen of the U.S. - telling us we can’t have our firearms. If you haven’t seen the interview where Morgan discusses his “solution” to solving the problem of massacres of innocent people - in gun-free zones, see it here.

If you are not as mad as hell yet, then watch this video!

Sit down and buckle up!

It’ll blow you away and make you so mad you can’t see straight.