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U.S. Attorney, Carmen Ortiz, loses major forfeiture case-a major win for property

•, JohnPhillipSousa
 59 pages which boils down to this: The govt's only strategy was to throw the CAFRA book at the Caswells and the Property. The judge threw it back at them finding in each instance...NO PROOF...NO EVIDENCE. Lots of witnesses from the Tewksbury PD, but not one piece of paper was offered into evidence to back their testimony.

A telling quote from Judge Dein, p.50: "...this case is distinguishable from virtually every other even remotely similar case in which a forfeiture was upheld."

The case was Dismissed without prejudice meaning the Gestapo could conceivably move to reopen it. Why they would sure beats me since they've already spent more, incl. the court and legal fees, than the Property's worth. It'll depend on how sore a loser Ortiz is, probably. The forfeiture fund is currently about $1.6 Billion... what's another pawltry $1.3 Million?

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